I first visited this animal shelter years ago while on a trip to Thailand. I came back to relax on the beach again and I visited the shelter again. It was SO wonderful to see the dogs again! And to hear stories of others being adopted. The grey scruffy one didn't want any pets but he kept an eye on the guests. I wish I could pet them and cuddle the...

Tokyo, Japan ( Website )

The Visit 

While in Tokyo, Dusty and Mango went to a shelter specifically for cats! They call themselves a cat cafe and they do SO much for strays. They set up their location so visitors can play and socialize with the cats and kittens. They also find the cats foster homes and forever homes. There was a donation of 1,000 Yen/...

Taipei, Taiwan ( Facebook Link )

The Visit 

A first visit to a government animal shelter in Taipei! It was a different experience compared to the non-profit shelters. This shelter was a small one compared to other government run shelters because there is only one vet on hand and if an animal is really ill, they are sent to a bigger shelter with a hos...

Luang Prabrang, Laos Website )

The Visit 

Rescue House is a small organization in Laos that just started operating seven months ago! Its goal is to help the animals in Laos- cats, dogs, and even a rabbit- that have health issues or just need a home. It just started and already has 12 animals in the house and 7 being fostered out. Laura started the...

Koh Samui, Thailand Website )

The Visit 

While on holiday in Koh Samui, Dusty went to visit the Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation. It was absolutely wonderful to see all the dogs and meet the founder, Brigitte Gomm! The foundation has been running since 1999 and it started with a few dedicated people bringing medical care to the street dogs and cats.


Centro de Adocao

Sao Paulo, Brazil ( Website )

The Visit 

During a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dusty visited Centro de Adocao/ The Adoption Center. It is located in the city center. He saw many different animals, such as dogs, cats, pigeons, mice, guinea pigs, and even rabbits! It was interesting to see an adoption center that had SO many animals....

Mary's Doggies

Taipei, Taiwan ( Website

The Visit

What a great decision it was to volunteer at Mary's Doggies! Dusty not only got to see the shelter Mary set up for stray dogs, he learned more about the organization and dog issues in Taiwan. Mary’s Doggies is a well-known organization in Taiwan because of her wonderful work and the fact that she be...

Care For Dogs

Chiang Mai, Thailand ( Website )

My Visit

A visit to this rescue center solidified my resolve to visit shelters around the world. Care For Dogs blew my mind! Initially, I visited Thailand to do some sightseeing around Chiang Mai and I ended up making a pit stop here and I am so glad that I did. Care For Dogs works to reduce overpopu...

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