About Me


Each shelter I have been to has been an eye-opening experience and I want to share this experience with others. I not only visit shelters/organizations in the country that I am living (Taiwan), I visit a shelter in each country that I visit. This started with Chiang Mai, Thailand and has expanded to include Brazil and Laos. Each one has a different setup and offers different services. Some focus more heavily on dogs and others on cats. I thought it would be helpful to others to compile the information I gain during each visit. I hope that my website will encourage others to be aware of the animals around us and to visit shelters when adopting.  


My Pups and Me

Originally, I'm from California. I completed my university in New York and have been working abroad ever since. I taught in Guatemala, Turkey, and now I'm in Taipei Taiwan.



A few of my interests are arts and crafts, reading, traveling, baking, and of course, my DOGS! Both my dogs were strays and they are both very loving, affectionate, and playful.

Jazmin: Originally from Guatemala and adopted in 2013. Our relationship started with a hamburger that I shared with her and the rest is history. She is a bright white with light brown markings. She eats everything in sight and loves cuddles. 


Demi: Originally from Taiwan and adopted in 2016. Demi is a particular eater and nibbles on her food while Jazmin gobbles hers up. She is very bright, agile, sweet, and energetic. While Jazmin makes friends easily, Demi is more particular about who she takes to. 


Enjoy my website and Dusty's adventures!

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