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Mary's Doggies

Mary's Doggies

Taipei, Taiwan ( Website )

The Visit

What a great decision it was to volunteer at Mary's Doggies! Dusty not only got to see the shelter Mary set up for stray dogs, he learned more about the organization and dog issues in Taiwan. Mary’s Doggies is a well-known organization in Taiwan because of her wonderful work and the fact that she began as a one-woman operation. To see it grow from that to what it is today was amazing.

Set Up

Mary’s Doggies is set up on a residence with a separate place for the dogs. The area is concrete and the dogs are walked around in the mountains. There are separate areas for different sized dogs. One area is for large dogs, another for medium-sized dogs, and another for puppies. There is also a two story structure and the dogs slept in their crates on the first floor, while on the second floor of this structure, the smallest puppies reside. On the first floor, there is also a fenced off room for dogs who need more space to recuperate from surgery.


The volunteer day was April 15, 2017 and Mary had only just begun the volunteer program a couple of months ago. We spent most of our time cleaning out the crates the dogs slept in. At the time, Mary had around 60 dogs so there were lots of crates to be rinsed off, scrubbed, rinsed off, and dried. We didn’t clean 60 crates but there were still many to be cleaned!

Then the floor was cleaned and we met the puppies. This meet and greet was important for the puppies because Mary got to see how they react to new people. Afterwards, we saw the really, really young puppies (adorable balls of fluff!). Lastly, took a few medium-sized dogs on a walk.

The volunteer day lasted from about 11:20 (pick up time) to 4:00 (when we left the shelter). Dusty was exhausted but so hyped from the experience! He was glad to learn so much about Mary’s Doggies, help her dogs, and meet other people who care about animals.


Everything about the organization was well thought out and planned, from the small area reserved for dogs recovering from surgery to crate training the dogs so they have their own special space just for themselves. Mary and Liza were both so friendly and answered any questions. It was refreshing to meet people who are so devoted to dogs.

Mary works hard to give dogs the health care they need, train them, and find them homes, but it was still a surprised to see how intense the process is and how much dedication she has. Mary has connections in Canada and the U.S. (Seattle and San Francisco) which helps find her dogs homes. She takes in strays that are hurt, hungry, and have health problems.

Dusty met many dogs and plans to go back in the future to volunteer again.

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