• Juleng Taing

Government Animal Shelter

Taipei, Taiwan ( Facebook Link )

The Visit

A first visit to a government animal shelter in Taipei! It was a different experience compared to the non-profit shelters. This shelter was a small one compared to other government run shelters because there is only one vet on hand and if an animal is really ill, they are sent to a bigger shelter with a hospital. That being said, there were about 150 dogs and 25 cats at this location.

Set Up

There were rows of cages with one, two, three, or more dogs in each. In each cage, there was a food bowl, water bowl and an elevated structure. The dogs in the far left row had a history of aggression or behavioral problems and were not chosen to be walked that day.

While there, I volunteered to walk to dogs. Volunteer days are Saturdays from about 11-4pm and I rsvp-ed on facebook. There was an orientation that lasted about 20 minutes. Then, each person was given a dog to walk. Some dogs were also bathed and the nails were clipped. Each time someone walked a dog, they recorded the experience and observations about the dog’s interaction and behavior. The staff were helpful and got things moving pretty quickly. During this visit there were about 10 volunteers.

It was a great experience and I walked three different dogs (one puppy, a one year old, and an older and bigger dog). All three were very different and excited to go out. The puppy was hesitant and scared, being that it was its first time on a leash. I took the one year old to the enclosed playground area first so she could run around before the walk. The bigger dog was excited but very underweight.

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