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Care For Dogs

Chiang Mai, Thailand ( Website )

My Visit

This visit to Care For Dogs got me thinking about visiting shelters around the world. I initially went to Chiang Mai for a holiday and stopped here spontaneously. Care For Dogs blew my mind! They work to reduce the overpopulation of street dogs, improve their health, and help them find homes.


The setup was fantastic! There was space for the dogs to sleep (little dog houses connected to each other), wooden planks for them to rest on, and many shaded areas to escape the sun. There were dogs sleeping, digging in the gravel, and meandering around. There are separate areas for situations when dogs start fighting and for dogs that are healing from wounds or surgery.


There were volunteers walking some of the dogs, and it was so hot that the dogs waded through the water to cool down. They have training sessions for volunteers and I stopped by unannounced, so I wasn't able to walk some dogs. But I did see the cutest little pup. She wasn't staying at the shelter but was looking for a home. Too bad I couldn't take her with me!


The calm atmosphere of the shelter is wonderful and I could tell that the dogs were well taken care of. The staff member was very helpful and informative.

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