Dusty Visits Brazil!

Centro de Adocao

Sao Paulo, Brazil ( Website )

The Visit

During a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dusty visited Centro de Adocao/ The Adoption Center. It is located in the city center. He saw many different animals, such as dogs, cats, pigeons, mice, guinea pigs, and even rabbits! It was interesting to see an adoption center that had SO many animals.

Set up

On the first floor, there were 3 small dogs in an area, guinea pigs, rabbits, and 2 pigeons in another area, mice in cages, and 2 cats in cages. The adoption center also had dog food and toys for sale on the first floor.

The majority of the dogs are on the second floor. There were about 2 to 3 dogs per area. Visitors were not allowed to touch the dogs, but the center was set up so visitors downstairs could look up at the dogs. There were also mirrors on the ceiling so visitors could see inside the areas.

The center has around 300 dogs that are ready to be adopted. They are kept in a separate location and a few are brought to the center to find their forever home. When one is adopted, another is brought in with the hopes that they are adopted too.


Address: Rua Gen. Jardim, 234 - Vila Buarque, Sao Paulo, Brazil 01223-010

Red Metro Republica


It was interesting to see a place that works so hard to find homes for many different animals. Because Sao Paulo is a huge city and it is so busy, it is understandable that only a few dogs and animals can be kept at the center. The convenient location is great, allowing people to stop by easily.

The Adoption Center is near the red metro stop Republica.

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