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Luang Prabrang, Laos ( Website )

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Rescue House is a small organization in Laos that just started operating seven months ago! Its goal is to help the animals in Laos- cats, dogs, and even a rabbit- that have health issues or just need a home. It just started and already has 12 animals in the house and 7 being fostered out. Laura started the organization and uses donations to support the animals. Since there is not much vet and animal care in the city, she takes serious cases to the vet near Vientiane, the capital.

Upstairs, there is a room for a mother cat and her two kittens. In the kitchen, there's a rabbit and a cat that is struggling with kidney problems and a broken leg. The living room has a few cats and a dog named Roxie. Roxie is very shy and keeps to herself. She watched us with curious and skeptical eyes. In the front yard, there are two dogs that belong to Laura. They are very energetic and friendly; they jump, play and give many kisses!

It was wonderful to see an organization that just started out. I hope to follow Rescue House and see their growth and animals that they take on. If you are in the area, definitely stop by for a visit!

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