Tokyo Cat Guardian

Tokyo, Japan ( Website )

The Visit

While in Tokyo, Dusty went to a shelter specifically for cats! They call themselves a cat cafe and they do SO much for strays. They set up their location so visitors can play and socialize with the cats and kittens. They also find the cats foster homes and forever homes. There was a donation of 1,000 Yen/ 278 NT/ $9 dollars to enter the cafe. During the visit, there was a worker taking care of the cats (weighing them and taking notes) and visitors playing with the cats. It was a lovely place to see.

Set Up

There were two small rooms on the first floor and one large room above. Each room had cages for each cat and each cage had a hammock, kitty litter, and bowls for food and water . Some had two or three kittens in each cage so they could play together. There were many beds and scratching posts in the common areas of the room. The rooms had a few cats out of the cages while some cats stayed in the cages. The staff didn't speak much English but they were able to help me a bit. There were also items for sale such as pins, jewelry, bags, and cat toys.

It was refreshing to see a cafe/shelter such as this one. The only pet stores I came across in the city center were very chic, over-the-top pet stores that sold pure bred puppies and kittens. Their prices went up to $16,000 US for a dog/cat. It was appalling to see so many customers lining up to see and buy these animals when there are so many in shelters that need homes.

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